About Us

My name is Marland, and I am delighted to introduce myself as the proud owner of KnownByYou Apparel. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I share a little bit about who I am and what KnownByYou Apparel represents. I am Originally from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a man of God! I gave my life to Jesus when I was 13 years old. This incredible journey that this life has taken me on, through the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations, one valuable lesson has resounded within me: love surpasses the power of hate. The Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savoir!!! Now, growing up in the city of New Orleans, has been a plus in my eyes! 
I have always been enamored by the rich culture and diverse artistic expressions that surrounded me. Growing up in such a unique environment has instilled in me a passion for creativity and self-expression. With KnownByYou Apparel, I have been able to bring these two elements together in a way that is truly special.

At KnownByYou Apparel, we want to share the powerful truth of Jesus’ unconditional love with the world. Our mission is to create motivational clothes that celebrates individuality and encourages people to be proud of their faith. We believe in creating a space where people can share their stories, faith and love with the world. We strive to create designs that will help encourage people to embrace the uniqueness of their spiritual journey and to express the beauty of Jesus’ love. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something to wear every day, we have something for everyone. KnownByYou Apparel caters to thoughtful shoppers who appreciate unique designs and top-quality pieces you just can't find anywhere else. We are constantly curating fresh new collections and looking for the next big thing our customers will love. We are proud to be a stylish Online Clothing Store you can always rely on for our expert service and care.

KnownByYou Apparel " A Powerful Display Of Truth"

Mission Statement

Our mission at KnownByYou Apparel is to spread positivity and love through our clothing. We believe that what you wear not only reflects your style, but can also have a significant impact on how you feel. We strive to empower individuals to radiate confidence in what you believe, joy and self-expression with our unique and uplifting designs.

Simple Version: KnownByYou Apparel is a simple reflection of who you are by what you wear. A powerful display of truth, not afraid to stand up(bold) for what you believe in.